Wednesday, 16 November 2011

there are some step you must Follow these steps to download and use 2go on your
mobile phone:
1. Select your country.
2. Phone number, click register and input a new
username and password of choice.
3. Select your phone model and click download.
Follow these three steps to run 2go on
your Windows PC:
1. Firstly you need to download Java. This is quite a big
download so it might take a few minutes to download.
Java is needed to run
2. Now download Mpowerplayer the
java emulator.
3. Then open and
download Nokia Generic
. You will now be able to run 2go on your pc and you must have some airtime on your phone to enable you download it and chat as well and met other frends ....and ther is other program that you can use as well... go to the nexst page.........

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