Wednesday, 16 November 2011

make free call useing skpe

befor you can enjoy this free call there are some sAtep you will have to take but first you will download the skype and after you download Skype, any call you make to another
person on Skype is totally free. But you can also call
friends and family around the world who are not yet on
Skype – try it out now for free.
How to make your free call
1. Check sound
Plug in your headset or use the built-in speakers and
microphone on your computer. For the best sound
quality, use a headset or phone from our store.
2. Dial the number
Click the Call Phones tab, select the country and enter the
phone number you would like to call.
3. Start the call
Press the big, green call button and enjoy your free call.
Please note that duration of your first free call depends
on calling rates. If you call a mobile your call duration will
be limited.
Where can you make a free call to?
You can make a free call, that could last up to five minutes
to any of the following countries: Argentina (Buenos
Aires), Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Canada
(mobiles), Chile, China (Beijing, Guanzhou, Shanghai,
Shenzhen), China (mobiles), Czech Republic, Czech
Republic (Prague), Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany,
Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, Hong Kong (mobiles),
Hungary, Hungary (Budapest), Ireland, Israel, Israel
(Jerusalem), Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malaysia (Kuala
Lumpur), Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey), Netherlands,
New Zealand, Norway, Poland (Poland, Gdansk, Warsaw),
Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg),
Singapore, Singapore (mobiles), South Korea, Spain,
Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan (Taipei), United Kingdom,
United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and United
States (mobiles) and other country and enjoy

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