Sunday, 13 November 2011


hi every one
Discover how to do free internet browsing with your
Glo GPRS enabled Mobile Phone.
Yes this is real. With your Glo GPRS enabled phone,
you can be enjoying a free internet browsing on your
laptop computer or desktop computer
I tell you with 100% sure that you can browse the
internet for free. I use it and I have done a lot of
research on it. But I will charge you a research fee if
you can not do the research to discover how you can
browse the internet for free.
If you are already browsing and you cannot check
your yahoo mail, you can use
to check your yahoo mail.
The free internet browsing is real. It is not a scam. If
you don’t believe it the you can be spending money
or browsing the internet.
With your GPRS enable mobile phone, all you need is
to configure your internet browser with the correct
Proxy Address, Port Number. Some Networks will
require authentication. In that case, you will need to
find the user name and password for authentication.
Some Mobile Networks have firewalls and that will
prevent you from browsing the internet for free. In
that case you will need software that will help you
browse for free. However, the software may cost you
a onetime payment of about N10,000.00 but it all
depends on the network you are using.
If you will like to browse the internet for free, you
can feel free to contact me via my email

If you can not do the research to discover how to
browse the internet for free with your GPRS enable
phone, then you can give me a call at 08030499180 for help. I will charge you a research fee
for that.
I fear free things. I may collect some little money for
giving some advice on how to browse the internet
for free.
For those who love free stuff much, it is quite
unfortunate that I don’t have MTN for free Night Call.
I don’t like free things thus I don’t like free Night
MTN Call. Good things are not always free.
Enjoy free Internet Browsing!
Enjoy the free Glo GPRS Browsing. Enjoy it while it
last. Such things don’t last forever.
But who knows the free browsing may last forever. butt at list you will injoy it for some time.........

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