Tuesday, 15 November 2011

free calls on Blackberry, Andriod and Window phone 7 phones using Tringme

thank every one to day we can nowmake call free but is for people using Blackberry, Andriod and Window phone 7 phones
here is the step to take......

for people using b/b here is the step

1. You have to get your Special TringMe Phone Number,
Do it like this to get your number: Open the Appliccation > Click on the Blackberry Option Button > Click on the Option, you wiill see your TringMe Number there.

2. Share this Phone Number with your Friends who have TringMe Installed on their Blackberry phones and also collect their own too.

3. Now go to your Phone Contact and Save this TringMe Phone Number, Anytime you want to Call your Friend, Just Locate his Contact from your phone-book i.e his or her Tringme Phone Number and Click on the Option Button and Select "Call Using TringMe"

Free Calls Via Mobile Application: Mobiles are so powerful today. Install TringMe onto your mobile phone and start making and receiving calls using your mobile internet without spending your expensive cellular minutes. If you and your friend are both using TringMe application on the phone, you can talk for free using TringMe application.
but frist we have to know the meaning of tringme

TringMe is your one stop solution for making calls, sending SMS and scheduling conferences from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. Once downloaded, install it on your mobile or use it from your instant messenger like Gtalk

how to use a tringme .......Using A Device Of Your Choice: Not only just your computer, you can even make calls from laptops, tablets, mobile phones and instant messengers. Go on, use the device of your choice to call anywhere in the world and TringMe will ensure that it connects you just fine using the magic of its platform.

Resell TringMe Services: As a reseller, you will get access to the complete infrastructure to resell TringMe credits. Whether you need a web-portal (online) or just a way to resell TringMe credits physically(offline). As a reseller, you can earn rewards and profits without any heavy investment or commitment! Etc

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