Sunday, 13 November 2011

how to brows free with zain

i have recive many calls and mail people asking to how to brows free useing zain here is one of the bast way to get it........Free Zain Browsing & Configuration GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). It is a mobile communications technology designed for transmission of data rather than voice. It offers "always-on" internet connection and lets you use your phone (or other device) to browse the Web, send and receive multimedia messages and access services specific to your location, and use your phone for it's main conventional use: voice calls. When you set up your GPRS connection, you get almost immediate connection. There is no need to dial-up or use a modem. Your phone transmits and receives data through "packet-switching": the information is broken up into smaller "packets", each carrying the destination address. Email is delivered in a similar way. The GPRS Service is the most practical and convenient method for surfing the World Wide Web from anywhere through your handset or PC, wirelessly! To activate GPRS, send the word ( INTERNET ) to 123 and you will receive the GPRS settings and activation by SMS on your handset; requesting that you switch off your mobile and enter pin 0000 while saving the GPRS setting. If however the automatic setup didn't work, you can activate your GPRS manually by following these steps: Name: Zain wap IP Address : Port: 8080 Username: Wap password: Wap APN: Make sure after this connection and setup download these softwares they are free online very many but will give you only two reliable ones one time connect which are 1. Gtunnel (download it from this website on google search by typing gtunnel free download ). 2. freedom (download it from this website on google search by typing download).

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