Monday, 14 November 2011

enjoy free browsing

start browsing free useing proxy settings and and others to brows online.......... /1) Locate 'Connection Settings' on your mobile, Select
'Proxy Settings'
2) Enable the Proxy Server
3) Input this Proxy Address:
4) Then continue steps 2,3,4 as in Alternative 1.
5) Input ""
6) Select "Ok" and begin enjoying free internet browsing
on your mobile.
This alternative is preferable for non-Nokia phones and
connection speeds are faster with Samsung and Sony
Ericsson phones.
Download Trick:
If you plan on downloading while online, input:
PLUS!!! Good Old Freedom is back and better.
Freedom helps you use your mobile as modem and
browse on your computer. Now you have even more
Operator choices. Let's get started already:
1) Change the proxy address to ""
2) Or with your MTN, use : ""
3) Or (This is a United States Server)
4) Or (This is a German Server)
5) Set Connection Mode to "https"
6) Set Port to "53"
7) With your Pc Suite, enjoy the free browsing. There's no
rocket science about it.
*mark d remove port frm url.
enjoy.. your phone browsing

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