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how to browes free with all net work

thank for coming into my usefull site which can help you up gread to a new varsion of internet browesing  you have ever imaging ,and there are many way to go about it and also there are maney types of internet browesing which must of us have been useing all this years in our vearus home and office .
as we all can see we have been useing our mobile phones in home and also  our offices but some of us dont know that we can toun around the world with our mobile phones and not only aswering or reciving of call
 also when we tolkabout mobile phone ( not all have internet )but must phones now have it .......
       There are many types of
Satellite Decoder Splitter, you
buy your favorite at the shops
where it ’s been sold What do
we use the Splitter for? This
enables you to create a parallel
connection for the coaxial
cable (this is the cable that is
used to connect your decoder
to the TV and as well as the
decoder to the Dish hanged
outside).the splitter will share
the signal that comes from the
dish outside between the TV
and the Router cable modem,
which will convert the signal to
an internet signal
Definition of a Cable Modem: A
cable modem is a device that
delivers high-speed Internet
connectivity via a cable
television company which
serves as the Internet service
provider (ISP). A cable modem
requires a subscription to
cable Internet service, and will
not function by simply
connecting it to a cable TV
(CATV) feed. Externally, a cable
modem resembles a DSL
modem. The coax cable that
brings in the digital CATV
signal provides a channel for
upstream and downstream
Internet service. This does not
interfere with television, as
there is plenty of "real estate"
or bandwidth space on the
coax cable to handle both TV
and Internet signals. Why
Linksys Cable Modem: The
Linksys Cable Modem does not
require you to pay any
additional separate monthly
subscription to the cable
company, you only need to
connect it with your current
subscription with your satellite
cable TV provider which will
only work with a Coaxial Cable.
RJ – 45 NIC Cable
This is a typical networking
cable which we will use to
network all the network
devices that we have listed
above such as the Router
(Cable Modem), we will use it
to make a connection from the
Router to the computer to
transmit internet.
Ethernet Cable
Ethernet cables connect
network devices such as
modems, routers, and
adapters. They transmit data
using the Ethernet protocol.
Most Ethernet cables have
RJ-45 jacks on both ends, each
with 8 pins. (They look similar
to telephone jacks, which use
4 pins or 6 pins.)
• Equipment using an Ethernet
cable is referred to as wired.
• Wireless equipment uses
radio waves in place of some
(or all) Ethernet cables. A
network device that uses both
Ethernet and wireless
connections is usually called
just wireless.
The Physical Ethernet Cables
• Use Cat 5 cables. (Cat 5 is a
measure of quality, meaning
that it supports traffic up to
100 MB / sec.) These are also
called 10/100 Base-T Cat 5
• Some Ethernet cable wires
crises-cross internally, others
are straight through, meaning
that pin 1 is wired to pin 1 on
the other end, etc. A port
(socket) for a straight through
Ethernet cable is sometimes
called an uplink port. If you
aren't sure about a cable, and
you can see the inside wires'
colors, hold the two ends of
the plugs up, so the same side
of the plug is facing you.
A router is used to transmit
internet to more than 1
computer system on a
network setup, this enables
you to network your
connection to other system
(PCs). This is also known as
cable modem.
The connection runs the
incoming cable connection to
an external cable modem,
which has an Ethernet
connection to a router, which
then connects.


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