Tuesday, 8 November 2011

how to browes free with mtn

Does anyone know if there is any new hack for free browsing on mtn. The other one has been blocked and i wonder if there will be a new one to help us guys for free browsing here is the answer
try this I think these settings will work in helping you browse for free on the mtn network.
... It only works for opera browser on your pc or on some mobile phones.
... Create two mtn gprs settings on your phone and delete the apn of both by leaving them blank ie the web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net data.
... Put the ip address as and the proxy as 8080 in the opera web browser.
... Connect your phone to the pc with the first settings and go to wap.sonyericsson.com via the opera on your pc.
... Once your sony site opens, go to wap.mtnonline.com via the second settings on your phone.
... Switch back to opera on your pc and start browsing other sites for free

if u make use of opera 5.2 try this http:

for the socket server .....socket//mini5beta.opera-mini.net

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